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Architectural Inspirations

The wife of then TCU President M.E. Sadler, Frances Sadler, was instrumental in the design of the chapel. Mrs. Sadler traveled throughout the eastern United States studying both architectural and decorative styles of American Colonial churches looking for inspiration for the Chapel.  The beautiful elegance of Robert Carr Chapel is a reflection of her taste, travels, and influences.

  • The spire is an exact replica of the one atop the famous Old Lyme Church in Connecticut.
  • The brass chandeliers are after the design of those in St. Michael’s Church in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • The pulpit is patterned after those in King’s Chapel of Boston & Christ Church in Cambridge.
  • The arched heads of the Palladian windows that grace both the chapel and the cloister walls reflect the style of Mount Vernon and a church in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Information from Walking TCU: A Historic Perspective by Joann Hewitt Swaim.