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Wedding Fees

SaturdayCeremony Start TimeTCU FeeCommunity FeeFriday Rehearsal
11am-2pm12pm or 12:30pm$1350$15504pm-5pm
2pm-5pm3pm or 3:30pm$1550$17505pm-6pm
5pm-8pm6pm or 6:30pm$1950$21506pm-7pm
SundayCeremony Start TimeTCU FeeCommunity FeeFriday Rehearsal
Academic Year:
1pm-4pm2pm or 2:30pm$1350$15507pm-8pm
2pm-5pm3pm or 3:30pm$1350$15507pm-8pm
5pm-8pm6pm or 6:30pm$1550$17508pm-9pm

Booking a Date: All requests to book a date must be made in writing by sending an email to A date can be held for up to seven days before a $500 deposit and contract are due. The remaining balance is due 30 days later.

TCU Discount: The TCU discount applies only if one of the individuals being married is TCU alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, or child of one of those groups. TCU ID number is required in order to receive the TCU discount.

Discretionary Parking Fee: Parking for all chapel guests is located directly behind the chapel. Weddings on dates of TCU home football games must reserve the parking lot behind the chapel. The fee for reserving and staffing the lot is $175, due 90 days prior to the wedding. Guests will be prompted to give the name of the wedding when they arrive; thus, uninvited football fans are unable to give the correct name and enter. All fall dates are to be booked with the understanding that home football games may be scheduled after booking. TCU football games have the possibility of changing dates. Weddings that do not fall on a home football game are not required to pay the parking fee.

Mandatory Security Deposit: There is a required security deposit of $250, which must be paid no later than 90 days before your wedding. Unlike other payments, the security deposit may NOT be made online and must be made via check (made payable to TCU). The security deposit will be forfeited if any of the above rules are broken. Some of the frequent rules broken include, but are not limited to: alcohol in holding rooms, showing up intoxicated, over maximum capacity, destruction of property, coming early/staying late, leaving the chapel in a state other than how it was upon arrival, breaking the music policies, etc. If no rules are broken and no damages occur, the check will be shredded by chapel staff. If you would like your check returned to you, you may pick it up in person, after the wedding, at the chapel office in Jarvis Hall.

Wedding photo courtesy of Lightly Photography.